Children's Performances

During the third week in December each year, Kumbada's annual Children's Performance will be staged at the Mahon Theatre, Aquinas College, Great Ryrie St East Ringwood with a performance time of 7.30pm. Dress rehearsals at the theatre are on the Monday and Tuesday of the same week.

Check out the clips from previous years below:

Click here to view highlights from our Psyche and Cupid performance (2011).

Snippets from 'Ping' (2010) - well known 1930s classic.

Fragments of 'The Saga of the Sampo' (2009) - based on the Finnish epic, the Kalevala.

Morsels of 'The Lorax' (2008) who speaks for the trees.

Performance Medley - Isis and Osiris (2005), The Willow Pattern Plate (2006) and Paco's Quest (2007)