Ask Alison

Q: May I ask why you don't run classes for beginners?

A: Beginners are welcome in the all classes. This egalitarian approach is deliberate. The more advanced students inspire the new ones and a strong supportive group dynamic is the result. Students are always given options and can therefore develop at their own level - for beginners, there is accessibility, for the more experienced students, there is always challenge.

Q: Why do you commence your classes with relaxation?
Most yoga studios have relaxation last thing.

A: Before you can play your instrument, you need to tune it. When you arrive at class, you may be carrying lots of 'rubbish' in your mind and tension in your body. By relaxing for thirty minutes or so, you actually 'tune' your body so that it is better able to get the most out of the asanas (movements) of the yoga.

Q: Do you need to be flexible in order to enjoy Yoga?

A: Not in the least. Though I promise you that regular Yoga practice will definitely increase your flexibility. Essentially though, Yoga is about 'moving through resistance' and that resistance will be there, however far you can bend. But let's face it, you are going to encounter resistance in some form or other throughout your life. And Yoga practice will help you to deal more effectively with what life throws in your path. You may not always be able to quell the sea, but you will certainly become better able to ride the waves.

Q: Should I attend more than one class each week?

A: It's up to you and your time and financial constraints. Might I suggest that you begin by attending one class per week and see how you manage that commitment. Then by all means increase your attendance. Sadly, some over ambitious souls throw themselves into two or even three classes a week and run out of steam. Ultimately, you will probably develop your own personal practice, but that may take several years. In the meantime the more classes you take, the better you will feel. And remember that if you come to more than two classes per week, the third and subsequent classes are FREE.

Q: Can I make up a class I miss?

A: Of course you can. And you are free to come to any classes that suit you during the week. Many students have unpredictable working hours (especially those with very young babies) and choose to come if and when they can. All classes are open to beginners as well as more advanced students.

Q: Will Yoga help me lose weight?

A: Yoga practice is not designed for weight loss per se, though I have noticed that many students lose weight after they have been attending Yoga classes over time. Yoga certainly gets you in touch with your body, and makes you feel lighter, so it is a useful adjunct to other weight loss programs.